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Indian Girl

Rose Hand Snake

Rooster and Fox Plate

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Flying Owl

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Manatee w/head raised

Pear Multi colored

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Horse, Wolf, Fish

Girl on Boat

Georgia O'Keefe

Morning Glory

Providence: Lady of the Canyon

Birds on Tile

Standing Tall

Patty Weisman


Patricia Farrell Weisman is a native Georgian and has resided in Marietta most of her life. She is a graduate of the University of Georgia with a degree in drawing and painting. She has been published and has won awards for her artwork. For over 20 years she was employed as a hand-painted tile artist and her murals have been installed throughout the United States. Presently she is employed at Confection Perfection Bakery as a fondant artist. There is not a day those goes by that she does not pursue her art and has just completed illustrating a children's book soon to be published.


The human form and animals inspire me. These subjects allow me to express how I observe human behavior. Drawing from my life experiences, I strive to tell a story in a satiric commentary. Clay is the medium I utilize because of its earthiness. Over and over I am amazed when my pieces come out of the kiln and I remember it all began from a ball of clay.

To begin a piece of work I use a live model or an image from my mind, as I work the story begins to evolve. My goal is to have my piece stand-alone, by this I mean that it needs to have a pure underlying form before I add any surface treatment. I do not want my story to interfere with the viewer's enjoyment of the piece. My desire is that the one who looks at my work interoperate their own thoughts and feelings.