Blue Rhino

Love and Peace

Pig on Plaque


Yellow Puffer

Brown Puffer

The Birds and the Bees

Blue Pig


Madam Butterfly

Angel with Swan

Breaking Free

Tea Time Monkey


Baboon Holding Balloons




Patty Weisman


Patricia Farrell Weisman is a native Georgian. She lived in Marietta most of her life before moving to Canton GA a few years ago. She is a graduate of the University of Georgia with a degree in drawing and painting. She has been published and has won awards for her artwork. For over 20 years she was employed as a hand-painted tile artist, and her murals have been installed throughout the United States.


The human form and animals inspire me. These subjects allow me to express how I observe human behavior. Drawing from my life experiences, I strive to tell a story in a satiric commentary. However, I do not want my story to interfere with the viewer's enjoyment of the piece. My desire is that those who look at my work interpret their own thoughts and feelings. Clay is the medium I utilize, because of its earthiness. Over and over I am amazed when my pieces come out of the kiln, and I remember it all began from a ball of clay.