Large Platter with Bronze Rim

Woven Clay Basket

Small Altered Teapot with Feet

Flat Vessel

Large Lidded Pot Leaf Man

Large Bronze Jar

Lidded Garden Pot with Cherubs

Large Blue Candleholder

Garden Ewer

Japanese Maple Leaf Teapot

Large Teapot w/Locking Lid

Flat Teapot

Medium Teapot

Medium Pitcher

Brown Bowls

Blue and White Stoneware

Stoneware Group picture

Stoneware Group picture

Stoneware Group picture

Jar and Candlesticks

David Vincent


David Vincent took his first pottery class in high school in California in the 1970's and was immediately fascinated by the art form and process. He received a business degree from San Diego State University, but all of his electives were taken in pottery, where he began honing his skills. He proudly served 7 years in the Air Force flying C-141 Transports all around the world. He then began his career with Delta Airlines, and is presently an MD-88 captain, residing in Kennesaw, GA with his wife, two children and their spouses, and grand-baby girl. In his free time, he enjoys creating one of a kind pieces of ceramic art in his basement studio.

Artist Statement

I like creating functional stoneware pottery that is one of a kind and can be used for a lifetime of enjoyment. My pieces can be used in the kitchen, or displayed and handed down from generation to generation. I am inspired by nature and architecture, which you can see throughout my work. I like to throw on the wheel, alter the piece, and add hand built and sprigged elements to my pieces. In addition, I like to experiment with different textures and glaze combinations.