Blowfish Dream

Armadillo Dreams


Party with Bears

Erika Taguchi-Newton

Little is known before she arrived in the new world. Like most adventurers, she’s modest in recalling her tales. Some regale her heroic excerpts, others the dedication to a mystical craft, but all engage her name: Erika, A bloom from the rugged mountains of Japan – altitudes that will not suffer folly.

Right, wrong, dark and light are sharply defined in her art – in her very DNA. Some credit this to an ancestral association with a king named Arthur – other’s the love of a determined mother. Regardless of this source of divination – clarity defines the spectrum that appears in all of her work.

Erika was born of one culture, and traveled through many. She’s not the first to challenge collective thinking – but she is the first to harness this single, unbridled imagination – exercised daily to allow the beasts, beauties, fears and love of life surround us each day. Erika is a steward of the known and unknown desires in all of us.

Having refined her craft many years after graduating from the Art Institute of Fort Lauderdale – Erika works full time from her Delray Beach, Florida studio under the direct supervision of her son, Bassett Hound, German Shepherd, and loving husband.