The Harlequin

Pineapple Under Stained Glass



Vase of Tulips

Japanese Cherry Blossoms

Roses III

Wild Violets

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Abdiel Pargas


I was born in the city of Matanzas, Cuba. From a very early age I felt attracted to art in general. I remember as a child my family taking me to theaters, museums, ballets and classical music concerts. I have had a special interest in painting and photography.

In Cuba I devoted my studies to the medicine, practicing as a physician for several years. I dreamed of being able to do art, especially painting and artistic photography, but the material base necessary for this was very limited. It was not until 2004 that I had access to a canvas and paints, in just one afternoon I was able to create my first painting. I always knew that I had the ability to express art on a canvas . Since then I have not stopped painting.

My painting has evolved from my early days, but in general I try to transmit with it various emotions, sensations and moods. I am inspired by memories of my country, experiences taken with family and friends, interpersonal situations or simply everyday experiences that for some reason they create an emotional impact on me. I enjoy mixing the colors and creating a visual effect that manages to send a feeling or emotional state to a viewer.

Part of my work is owned by my family and close friends, especially if they have inspired me in the creation of these. I had the privilege of photographing Celaida Menéndez Montero, a leading figure in the cuban culture. Some of these photos have been published in newspapers, TV and internet pages of the artist.