Dec 30 Drawing

Mola Mola


Turbulent Veil

Parakeets On Wooden Perch

Parakeets With Medallions

Other Available Works

Kathy Meliopoulos

Kathy has a degree in painting and drawing from the University of Florida and has taken additional studio classes at Florida International University and Georgia State University. Her art has been shown in galleries, national and regional juried shows, and in private collections.


I believe that art is an evolutionary process, an exploratory journey. My interests are varied and I work in multiple media. These different skills overlap and enhance each other to enrich the art. The gestural marks, attention to composition, color and detail apply both to my abstract paintings and representational pieces.

Animals are a favorite subject. I paint birds, domestic animals and pet portraits. My goal is to capture their natural beauty and individual personalities as well as to create a compelling two dimensional environment on canvas or paper.