Ambrosia Maple Vessel, Copper

White Top Burl Vessel, Lamp

Birdseye Redwood Bowl

Buckeye Burl Vessel, Resin

Cherry Burl Vessel with Void

Dyed White Oak Vessel

Elm Candle Holder

Elm Vessel with Resin Inlay

Gimlet Burl Bowl

Hexagonal Rosewood Bowl

Large Cherry Burl Vessel, Aragonite

Norfolk Island Pine Vessel

Pecan Footed Bowl

Salmon Gum Goblet

Small Ambrosia Sycamore Bowl

Southwestern Cherry Burl Vase

Spalted Elm Crotch Platter

Spalted Maple Vessel

Spalted Silver Maple Platter

Tulip Poplar Bowl

Ambrosia Maple Platter

Tulip Poplar Vessel

Tulip Poplar UFO

Asian Black Palm Vessel, Resin

Doug McCulloch

Artist Statement

For many years I have been an IT Professional and a wood hobbyist. I love working with my hands and with tools of all sorts to make and fix things. I have always enjoyed making things out of wood, including book cases, coffee tables, picture frames, chairs, etc. My software designer job requires creativity, but I was looking for a different creative outlet.

As a wood turner, I am somewhat of a new comer. Most of the people I know who are involved in this fascinating activity have been doing it for many years, sometimes decades. However, in my “short” career I have grown my skills and knowledge substantially. I have several juried awards to my credit so far, including a ‘Best in Show’ at the 2012 Arts Clayton Juried Art Show and a “Best in Show” at the 2014 Marietta Art Walk.

Like many things in life, wood turning is easy to get started, but it takes a lifetime to master. One of the reasons I love woodturning is the infinite variety of pieces that are possible and the challenge of maximizing the artistic potential of a given piece of wood or log. I am now exploring color and complementary materials (glass, metal, minerals, etc.) in my art, which will greatly expand the breadth of my work.

When I am not working or in the shop, I love to travel, exercise, and especially spend time with my family, when we are all in the same place. I would love to buy a sail boat and learn to sail, but before taking off I would have to find a place for the lathe.