Fly Free





Carolina Lebar

"The sky is _________________?" reads a question on the test.

"The sky is wha?" Carolina asked herself at the age of 7 as she peered out the window to look.

"Right now the sky is like a nasty gray, white" she thought to herself, remembering how bitter cold the New Jersey winters could be, her morning walk to school had been very unpleasant.

As she daydreams about how to answer this question correctly, she imagines how the sky turns black at night, gray when it rains, white when it snows, storms are dark gray, yellow at dawn, orange at dusk. Suddenly the teacher's voice snaps her back into reality and she realizes time is up. She quickly fills in the blank with the word, 'cloudy' as that is what she settles on, heavy-heartedly. "There could be so much more to this..." she thinks to herself.

The next day when she gets the graded paper back she sees the dreaded red writing circling the word 'cloudy' and she gets very upset. "The sky was cloudy! I didn't lie!" she announced to her parents, clearly upset about this knock to her good grade.

Later that week the teacher remarks on the test to Carolina's father during a parent/teacher meeting. "The correct answer is that the sky is blue!", her teacher says. Her father calmly says, "Carolina sees the world differently, she was probably wondering what time of day it was, what was the season? In her world the sky was clearly not blue, and that is just fine."

Now, as an artist, Carolina still thinks of herself as an observer; life is full of moments. She illustrates her impression of the world around her, capturing those moments, using a technique with graphite, acrylics and oils on wood, preserving intentions with soft realism.