Seashell Tray

Blue Bowls

Jewelry Display

Wrap Bracelets



Food Safe Pottery

Emily Knapp


Emily Knapp earned her Bachelor of Fine Arts from Kennesaw State University. The inspiration for all her art comes from her love of all things natural – animals, nature and her farm. While she is interested in all artistic media and she is known for her ceramics and photography, her primary interest is in ceramics, a sensuous form that marries earth and fire and emphasizes her strong design and attention to detail. Emily’s style is still evolving, but it gives voice to the clay and conceptualizes her deep appreciation for the homespun past and abstract future.

During her final semester as an undergraduate at Kennesaw State University, she pushed her forms to new levels. Emily also continued to research and to experiment with new firing techniques as she was the only person in her classes to create a new firing method that combines alternative firing techniques and processes. She continued to work with natural materials and started adding natural media to her work. Emily plans to continue to get published in national publications and wants to continue to have her work shown locally and nationally.