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Richard Jacobus


A resident of Georgia, born in 1951 in Paterson, New Jersey, the first son of a World War II marriage between an American paratrooper and an English beauty, Richard was raised along with 3 brothers in Decatur, GA. He studied drawing and painting at Atlanta College of Art, and received his welding certifications from Seminole Community College in Sanford, FL. He has paintings and metal work in both private and corporate collections throughout the United States. Frog Island Metal Works got its name from the Frog Island post office in Leicester, England where Richard's mother was originally from. Richard, Connie, and their son Destin live together on 5 acres with house and studio in Douglasville, GA, which is 35 miles west of Atlanta.

Artist's Statement

Recent paintings, whether small or large, have their basis of inspiration from the Midwest landscape. Each summer for the last 10 years or so I've been in parts of central and northern Ohio visiting Amish families I've gotten to know between art festivals I participate in. It is here I've seen these vast open skies and quiet vistas I love so much. It's hard not to almost hear passages of Aaron Copeland's music when standing in the midst of a great open field or walking along the road next to a giant cornfield hearing the wind rustling the stalks next to each other. Somehow, these experiences, visions, and inspiration inform my paintings at present when I'm home and in the studio with a mixture of longing, memory and the desire to paint, in a way, where I've been and what I've felt and seen.