Amber Jar

Carnival Pot II

Kewpie Carnival Pot

Soda Vase

Turquoise Soda Jar

Purple Red Jar

Carnival Pot

Geisha Bottles

Orchid Bottle

Orchid Bowl 2

Orchid Bowl 4

Peacock Baker

Wall Pocket


Green Box

Red Box

Orchid Plate

Orchid Plate 2

Group Picture

Kathy Grace

Kathy Grace lives in Marietta, Ga. She earned a BA degree from Thiel College,Greenville, Pa., majoring in Ceramics. After running the Ceramics Program at the Columbus Cultural Arts Center in Columbus, Ohio for 25 years, Kathy is focused on her own Ceramic work. Her work has been featured in numerous galleries and shows in Ohio.

Artist Statement

The nature of clay has been an inspiration to me for over 35 years. Spontaneous, yet enduring; unpredictable, yet responsive; clay is a material that constantly challenges my creative expression.