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Lynn Edwards


Lynn Edward's love affair with paper began as a child when she used foil liners from her grandfather's cigarette packs to gild her dollhouse's interior.

Decades later, she's still searching for “found” papers everywhere she goes. The more interesting and unique-looking they are, the more eager she is to incorporate them into her collage and mixed media pieces.

She uses these discoveries along with papers of her own design, to which she applies paint, stamped motifs, inks and other media, to create both fine art and functional art as well as jewelry. Lynn's current body of work features geometric shapes, bold colors, high contrast and intricate patterns. Pieces mimic the look of traditional mosaics but with a contemporary twist.

Lynn's art is held in both private and corporate collections, and has been accepted into many juried exhibitions. It has also been leased by Disney/ABC Television. In addition to being a working artist, Lynn taught acrylic painting, abstract painting, and mixed media collage for 3 ½ years in Kennesaw State University's Continuing Education Department. Her studio is in Paulding County, Georgia where she lives with her husband and one thoroughly spoiled cat.

Artist Statement

Like my my full size paintings and mixed media pieces, my jewelry designs explore the interplay of complex patterns and rich colors. My inspiration comes largely from observing the minutia of Nature: the world of tiny mosses, patterns within seed pods, the diversity of hues in a scattering of pebbles. But unlike Mother Nature, I'm a persistent seeker of order (probably due to an unsettled childhood and a strict Catholic upbringing). Linear and grid formats satisfy my need for structure as I turn snippets of my handpainted papers into miniature abstracts. My hope is simply that others get as much enjoyment from these tiny artworks as I do in creating them.