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Mother with Child

24601 Prisoner

Nature Dragon - SOLD

Lockness Dragon

Michelle Doolittle

I fell in love with the clay between my fingers when I took a pottery class my junior year in high school, but life leads us in many different directions and though pottery was a passion the military was my future, so following HS I joined the USAF. After 8 years of service I worked in the aerospace industry until I couldn't stand sitting behind a desk anymore. I went on to have a few exciting years as a Black Jack dealer in Vegas until I met my husband and settled down to raise a family. We have two wonderful children that drive me nuts and keep things interesting! As they grew older I dabbled in the world of hair and got my cosmetology license - but began to feel really lost in the direction I was heading - so that's when I decided that I needed to rediscover myself.

I remembered the passion I had for pottery some 20 years ago and decided to set up a little home studio. I had never thrown on a wheel or fired a kiln but I was dedicated and determined to teach myself how to do it, so for almost four years now I have learned a lot from trial and many errors...I am completely fascinated and interested and each day keeps me coming back for more "I LOVE TO PLAY IN CLAY" For a girl with a very short attention span, pottery has saved me (I can sculpt a dragon then turn around a throw a pretty little pot in the same day) so simple and yet so difficult - it keeps me sane - My daily therapy!

Thank you for sharing in my story with me, I hope you enjoy my work as much as I enjoy creating it.