Death and Progress

Dust Clouds

Earth is a Top



Infectious Diseases


Number 2

Powers of Ventriloquism

The Flesh

Visitation Night

Wind and Mountains

Casi Cline

Casi Cline has always felt a keen interest in art and design. Though she has many other interests, such as literature and mathematics, Casi feels that the process of creation so inherent in art and design is integral to her intellectual well-being. In her childhood, she kept a journal and filled in every margin and available space with small drawings and patterns. Even up through college, every notebook she owned was filled, inside and out, with shapes and patterns, instead of class notes. Though her works are largely dependent on intricate pen and ink patterning, she also integrates her love of literature into her works by collaging old book pages and other vintage typographical design elements. Casi also recently finished a novelette, Chimaera Obscura, which she describes as an expression of “the inner voice looking for truth.”


I love patterns, and whenever I see something that resonates with me, it finds its way into my drawings. My favorite kinds of materials are old books with interesting patterns or diagrams. I especially love taking the kinds of drawings and diagrams that are solely utilitarian in purpose, such as a machine blueprints and giving them a violent rebirth as art.