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Ashley Barnes


I spent much of my life growing up in Naples, FL where I have memories of taking art classes at an early age and walking around downtown art festivals on weekends. The colors that surrounded me while living in south Florida have created a strong inspiration in much of my work. With houses painted in pastel tropical colors as well as bright pinks of the hibiscus flowers, my world was a palette of jeweled tones. 

After departing from Naples, I received my Associates degree in Studio Arts from Santa Fe Community College in Gainesville, FL in 2009. In 2010 I was an Intern at John Tilton Porcelain in Alachua, FL. I then received my BFA in ceramics from the University of Florida in 2011. Upon graduating college I was a Resident Artist at the Odyssey Center for the Ceramic Arts in Asheville, NC From 2011 to 2013. I currently live just outside of Atlanta as a full time studio potter.

Artist's Statement

My work reminisces about the 1950s era, building upon the attitudes and daily living of its time. The 1950s era was a simpler time than today. Technology didn’t rule the daily lives of everyone, as it simply didn’t exist in the way that it does today. A housewife was an expected commodity in the home. Cooking and cleaning were regular jobs of the wife, and the children were expected at the dinner table on a nightly basis. The husband was expected to be the sole financial provider of the family. The major basis of life was surrounded around the family and the home. Mealtimes were important and conversational, as no IPads or IPhones would be present, as they did not exist. Delving into the concepts of marriage, family, and simplicity, my work strives to be the reminder of a bygone era. A symbol of simplicity and family living, my pieces lay upon the table in reminiscence of an era that has now passed, but as a reminder of simpler living where family and commitment were of highest importance in the home.

I am inspired by vintage iconography and pattern. Items that no longer exist or minimally exist in current daily living, such as a clothesline or a drive-in movie theatre are the subjects of my illustrations. These items diverge from current routines and remind us of a simpler time, devoid of technology and the breakdown of the family home. I choose clay as my medium along with dinnerware and kitchenware as my vehicle in order to tie in mealtime and cooking back to the simpler traditions of the 1950s. Choosing to illustrate the iconography and mood of the era, I hope to instill the traditions of the past into the current home. I use traditional coloration with my choice of turquoise blues and vibrant yellows to stay true to the time period. My use of form and decorative scale also lend themselves to the idea of a more relaxed and inviting everyday ware.

Decoration is my main interest as a potter. With each piece I create a simplistic pattern in order for me to add my illustrations to a seemingly apron-like patterned, fabric canvas. My pieces function as well as display the history of a bygone era and promote simpler and more beneficial family living in the home. I attempt to challenge the user to honor commitment and to take it easy, while enjoying life and family at each and every mealtime.