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H. Gay Allen

H. Gay Allen has served on the advisory board of the Museum of Computer Art, NY, and she has served as chair of the Photography Salon at the Atlanta Artists Center. Gay has exhibited widely and won many awards in art shows across the Atlanta metro Area.

Many of her artistic creations incorporate digitally altered photographs into fused glass, pushing the limit of traditional art forms into new territory.


Though I have worked in many media, especially photography, my latest love affair has been with glass. I have grown to love and respect glass as much, if not more than, any other artistic pursuit in my life, because it offers additional challenges that other art forms do not. It is fascinating to watch the glass start as a solid, move to a liquid state and return to a solid state. Sometimes the process must be broken up and repeated, to achieve the results I want. This fluid alchemy can do many wonderful things, including give you marvelous surprises and learning opportunities. I feel that by working in glass I am getting closer to the creative spirit, or "magic," that calls to every artist.

I began my glass work by making 100 cabochons for jewelry; graduated to plates and bowls; and now I am working on wall hangings and art pieces that range from 16 - 36 inches. I've completed over 100 of these.

I have taken warm glass classes and learned from Kelly Thames, Jenifer Frangi, and Carol Webb. I recently studied with Jude Schlotzhauer, who has been a studio artist and teacher for kiln-formed glass for more than 30 years.